What is remote computer support?

Our RescueMyPC remote computer support, allows us to remotely access any PC that is on the Internet and can download/run our software. Once the software is ran, it will ask your permission for our technicians to remotely see your computer and be able to diagnose and repair issues. The technician can view your screen and move your mouse and keyboard safely from our office in Evansville, Indiana. The benefits of remote support include:

  • Fast Response - Receive help almost instantly without having to setup an appoint for a tech to come to you!
  • Convenient - No reason to unhook everything and take it to the store, nor have expensive on-site visits.
  • Affordable - Because a tech can work on other things while your PC is running test, instead of being paid to sit and stare at your PC, your costs are dramatically cheaper.
  • Trustworthy - Not only are we BBB Accredited, but you can watch us work. So you see the actions we are taking!

If you need help, visit our page at https://www.digicom.com/rescuemypc

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