APN Settings 5

APN settings for your plan in case it needs to be reconfigured

C4R400 Device Support 1

Support questions for using the C4R400

General Questions 2

General questions about using ORI Cellular Internet

GTEN R2 Device Support 5

Support Questions for the GTEN V4 R2 (2-Antenna)

Mikrotik Device Support 3

Support Questions for Mikrotik Devices (Outdoor/Indoor Units)

MR40 Device Support 6

Support questions for using the MR40

Streaming Information 2

Information on streaming video

Troubleshooting 7

General troubleshooting

WE826 Device Support 16

Support Questions for the WE826 (4-Antenna)

WG3526 Device Support 7

Support questions for the WG2526 (6-Antenna)


 Can I use my ORI SIM card in a different device?

No! Due to hackers around the world cloning SIMs, to keep the tower carriers happy, the device...

 Setting up the Powerline Wireless Extender by TP-Link

View Setup Video:

 Should I press the reset button on my router?

We highly recommend against using the "factory reset" buttons on the routers. Doing so will...