Digicom System Management

Let Digicom monitor your systems and keep them running well!

Digicom Managed Antivirus
Digicom Anti-Virus & Document Backup

In addition to monitored antivirus protection, this plan includes automated file backups to keep your documents safe. (This does NOT include image backup, only documents.)

Proactive PC Health Protection

24/7 monitoring of the health and security of your computer. Along with our managed antivirus, we monitor your PC's health by monitoring software, security patches, system errors and even performance issues. This allows us to catch even hardware issues early, such as a hard drive that is showing the first signs of failing.

Additional options include

  • Document Backups (Backup all your system documents, excluding images)
  • Risk Intelligence (where we monitor your system for vulnerabilities in data protection, including HIPAA & PCI compliance)
Proactive Workstation Solution with Document Backup

All of the benefits of 24/7 health and security monitoring plus automated file backups to keep your documents safe. (This does NOT include image backup, only documents.)

Proactive NetPath Solution

Network problems impact productivity and can be time-consuming to track down, particularly when the connection is to an external resource.
NetPath helps you quickly and easily troubleshoot network performance issues for on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments. Not only the part of the network that you manage, but also the nodes and links of your providers.
It achieves this by automatically creating a (potentially multi-path) map between a Windows node and the specified destination, displaying performance details and supporting information for device both inside and outside of your network.
Performance metrics and details of the source and destination nodes along with the primary connection
Deeper insight into networks to isolate the node or connection that is decreasing end-to-end performance
Enhanced quality of service for end-users
24x7 monitoring of the network path
Additional object information through the inspector, including company and contact information of external node owners
A Path History to check the network’s performance over the last 30-days
NetPath Checks are automatically added for each path to alert you to any discovered problems

  • NetPath provides
Proactive Workstation Backup