How to cancel Norton Automatic Renewal Service

Turn off Norton Automatic Renewal service

This article provides you the steps to turn off or cancel the Norton Automatic Renewal service to prevent future automatic billing and renewal. Follow these steps if you have got a new Norton product and need to cancel the service on a previous product which you no longer use.

If you cancel the Automatic Renewal service on your current product, you must manually renew your subscription if you wish to continue Norton Protection. If you have already been charged and want a refund, read Requesting a Norton Automatic Renewal refund.

Turn off Norton Automatic Renewal service

  1. Sign In to Norton.

  2. In the Subscriptions page, next to the Norton product for which you want to disable Automatic Renewal, move the slider to OFF.

  3. When you receive the confirmation prompt, click Turn Off.

  4. Your Norton product prompts you to manually renew the subscription when it expires next time.

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