Mikrotik Setting APN

If you factory reset your Mikrotik device, it will cause it to lose the APN which is necessary to connect to the Internet via your cellular connection. To set it back up on your own, you will need to look at your invoice where it will reference the APN your device should be set to. The next step is setting that in your device.

From your web browser, go to

The default password is: admin

1) Click WebFig in the top tabs

2) Click Interfaces

3) On APN Profile, you will want to select which APN to use. The correct one can be found on your monthly invoice or in your account portal.

Standard APN's are:

Blue Plan 500 - "broadband" or AT&T LTE Broadband on the Mikrotik
Blue Plan 750 - Select AT&T AML

Pink Plan's - Select T-Mobile Static
Pink 1TB plan - Select T-Mobile

Red Plan - Select Verizon

4) Click Apply

5) Click OK

It will send you back to a page and you will see that it says "Resetting". Waiting until that is finished (when the resetting message disappears) and then reboot the device.

1) Click System

2) Click Reboot

3) Click OK

The device will now reboot. It usually takes 3-5 minutes to reboot and establish a new connection with the tower, however, in some situations, it can take up to 10 minutes to register the new APN connection.

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