I spilled liquid inside my computer! What do I do?

First, stop reading this and unplug the computer and for laptops, pull out the battery if possible.

Next, while fluids can kill electronic equipment, typically if you cut the power before it damages the system... USUALLY, it can be saved. Call us ASAP at 812-437-2911 (or toll-free at 877-437-2911) and let us discuss the options you have in drying out the equipment fully.

** RICE IS NOT THE ANSWER ** Never put a PC or phone in rice unless you want to greatly reduce the chance it can be saved!

Our team iincludes Forensic Cyber Investigators that have real world experience in salvaging electronics from extreme conditions. We want to make sure you have the best chance possible to save your equipment.

For a little good news, even if the computer itself is damaged, your data is usually able to be recovered, if handled correctly.

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