Setting up Speed Dial via Nextiva Web Portal (Speed Dial 100 method ONLY)

Login to your Nextiva Portal

Communications -> Phone System -> Phone Setup

As you hover over the user you want to edit, a menu will appear of "Actions" and you want to select Voice Settings


You will now see an Advanced Settings area and you want to select Call Routing


If the option is turned off, it is because you don't have any numbers currently saved, so simply click the button to turn it on and it'll ask you to set up your first Speed Dial Number.


Click Add to set up the Speed Dial selection.


Editing Your Speed Dial Numbers

To edit your numbers, simply hover over the selection and a menu will appear to Edit or Delete the number.  Select the appropriate thing you want to do.


If you have additional questions, you can contact Nextiva Support directly at (800) 285-7995.   If you purchased your service through Digicom, you can also contact our support at 812-437-2911.


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