I reset my device and now it won't connect to the service.

APN Settings for Our Rural Internet - Red Plan

If the device has been factory reset, it will wipe out the necessary settings to talk to the cell towers properly. These settings are called the APN settings and tell the cell tower how to authenticate your account and what service you should be using. If your modem powers on and then all the lights go out and then does not give you Internet access, this most likely means the APN is not set properly. These instructions will help you put the correct settings in for the Red Plan from ORI.

  1. Go to your web browser and enter in (some devices may use and press enter. It will ask for a password, which you want to enter admin (without the quotes)

  2. Click the Connect Status button to turn off the service.

Once the service is turned off, changes can be made to the APN settings. If the service is left on, the option to change the settings will not be available to you, so it is essential that you see OFF on the status page.

  1. Change the ending of the URL to say apn_setting or type in the full address of:
    1. Verify the settings appear as below. If they do, you can stop here. If not, follow the rest of the steps to set up the APN.

  1. Click Manual for mode.
  2. Click Add New
  3. Change PDP Type to IPv4 (Only, do not use IPv4v6)
  4. Profile name should be VZW in upper case.
  5. APN should be vzwinternet in lower case.
  6. Click Apply to save changes, and it will respond back with Successful.
  7. Click Set as default and it will again say successful.
  8. Click Reset Connection and then Yes to confirm restarting the device.

You have successfully set up the devices APN for the ORI Red Plan. After restarting, the device should be in working order. If you have further problems, please contact

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