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BlueMail is the best smartphone mail app to use with any Digicom email address. Today I will be showing you how easy it is to set-up a FastSurf Email address on BlueMail.

Step 1: Download and Install BlueMail from the AppStore. Once installed, open it and tap on Add Other Account on the first screen.

Step 2: Tap on Other Email

Step 3: Enter your email and password for your account and tap Next

Step 4: Enter your name and description and tap Done

Step 5: You can change these notifications to your liking and then press Done

Step 6: Now your email is setup, but we need to change a couple of settings to make sure it is completely secure. Go ahead and tap on the three dots at the bottom to access Settings.

Step 7: Tap on Various Account Settings

Step 8: Tap on your new account

Step 9: Tap Edit Account and then Incoming/Outgoing Settings

Step 10: Tap on the Security dropdown

Step 11: Open the Security Dropdown and select SSL/TLS (check certificate) and then select Next.

Step 12: On the Outgoing server settings page, tap on the Security dropdown.

Step 13: Open the Security Dropdown and select SSL/TLS (check certificate) and then select Next.

Step 14: Go back to your inbox and press on the blue Compose button

Step 15: Just send an email to yourself for testing purposes

Step 16: If you receive your test email, your account is setup correctly and ready for use. It might take a couple minutes to receive your mail, so please be patient. If you don t receive any mail, go through the steps again and make sure everything is setup correctly.

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