Can I use a security camera with cellular Internet?

Yes for newer camera systems, but possibly not for older systems.

Both cellular and satellite services do not allow the ports to be open to host a server. If the security system is one with an older style NVR that hosts the videos locally and the remote application points directly back to the device via the Internet, it will not work on any cellular or satellite-based solution.

However, when the security system is a more modern cloud-based security system, these systems work well on cellular Internet solutions. This means, the cameras send their video/sound out to cloud-based servers (such as NEST, Ring, Reolink, and others) and you are then able to use their app to see your video, hosted from their web server.

If you have to have a locally hosted camera server, unfortunately, cellular and satellite solutions will not work for you. You will need a cable/fiber solution for this usage.

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